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Looking For Alaska – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on John Green’s New York Times Bestseller book, “Looking For Alaska“.

Quoting a line from the book – “If people were rain, I was drizzle & she was a hurricane”.

The above-mentioned line perfectly sums the lives of the protagonists of the book, a silent guy & a dynamic girl.


Looking For Alaska by John Green


Synopsis –

“I go to seek a Great perhaps. ” These last words of poet Francois Rabelais brings a turn in Miles’s life and he decides to leave his public school at Florida and attends Culver Creek, a private breading school in Alabama. The path chosen for greater good and opportunities leads Miles to Alaska Young, a beautiful and emotionally troubled woman. Alaska has everything that fascinates Miles and with whom he eventually falls in love. Miles life was getting interesting. He had a prankster room-mate, a woman, who fits her imaginations and two great male friends. All who contributed in making Miles more like him were unique in nature and had their own quirks.

But the circle of life is not all about happiness and Miles learns this pretty soon. After taking a deep plunge in the deep sea of happiness, again he stands amongst all the worldly troubles. Wonderful characters, dialogues and fascinating prose makes this story a must read. Learn how Miles found his way out the labyrinth of loss finding his Great, with Looking for Alaska.

My Review –

This book is well written by the author, with excellent portrayal of Miles, Chip, Alaska. What impressed me is the way Mr.Green has weaved the story mainly around Miles, Chip, and Alaska with Lara, Takumi, Mr. Starnes & the Weekday Warriors in supporting roles. The book shows that it is necessary to enjoy life like Alaska, because, as they say, ‘You Live Only Once’. The author also shows that you have to live like Miles in boarding schools, the always obedient-sometimes-fun loving guy/girl. For Chip, the author has shown that you have to keep your internal issues to yourself while enjoying your school life.

John Green has shown the story through teenager Miles “Pudge” Halter, as he enrolls at a boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life & meets one student in particular, Alaska Young, who he falls in love with as she guides him through his own “labyrinth of suffering.” After her unexpected death, he is forced to work through his internal “labyrinth” himself.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is shown perfectly with Miles & Chip blaming themselves for Alaska’s death because they do not stop her from driving while intoxicated, so their grieving process consists of seeking answers surrounding her death since they feel as if it is their responsibility for leading her to her death – this change from child-like nature to matured persons is well done.

Overall, the book is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, tragedy!


I will definitely suggest you to read it, you will not be disappointed !

Title : Looking For Alaska
Author : John Green
Publisher : HarperCollins
Published : What I have is a 16th impression, 2017
Rating : 10/10

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