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Love Stories That Touched My Heart – A Review

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 
― Lao Tzu

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Today, I am posting a review on Ravinder Singh’s book, “Love Stories That Touched My Heart”.


This book, nominated and edited by author Ravinder Singh is a anthology of 25 stories made up of heart touching tales that will make you feel that love is the most spiritual emotion.

Synopsis –

The book describes all emotions connected with love – anger, frustration, anxiety, eagerness, delicateness and nervous energy. While routing through these emotions, plenty of writers in this treasury takes you through first infatuation, first breakup, love- marriage, love in the second innings, love across decades, love across genders and sexual orientations and love across generations. This anthology is made up of heart touching stories that will make you feel that love is the most spiritual emotion.

So if you are romantic enough and love to read tales of romances that yield from the real life, then the book is ideal bet for you.

My Review –

This anthology is the best one I have ever read. Being a die-hard reader of romantic novels, I was, at first, not sure of how the stories will turn out. But, when I began reading the book, my apprehensions were cleared as the stories turned out to be heart touching. Some of the stories turned out to be emotional, some were straightforward in nature.

I immensely loved this book. The writers of the stories showcased every aspect of love – fear, pain, excitement – with aplomb. ❤

Some stories deeply moved me.

These stories are –

  1. The Girl Behind the Counter – Omkar Khandekar (Special ❤ to this story !)
  2. A Train to My Marriage – Vandana Sharma
  3. Flirting – Vinayak Nandkarni
  4. May God Bless You, Dear – Yamini Vijendran (Special ❤ to this story too !)
  5. Cheers To Love – Renu Bhutoria Sethi
  6. A Village Love Story – Haseeb Peer
  7. Never Forget Me – Renuka Vishwanathan
  8. A Tale of Two Strangers – Swagata Pradhan 
  9. Bittersweet Symphony – Jennifer Ashraf Kashmi (Special ❤ to this story too !)
  10. Heartstrings – Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan (Special ❤ to this story too !)
  11. A Pair of Shoes – Manaswita Ghosh
  12. The Smiling Stranger – Lalit Kundalia
  13. The Last Note – Amrit Sinha
  14. The Uncertainties of Life – Arpita Ghosh
  15. Here’s How It Goes – Arka Datta

The remaining 10 were also liked by me, but these 15 had something special in them, so they got the special mention. ❤

Overall, the anthology is an excellent read for the reader. You will enjoy this love book! ❤


Title : Love Stories That Touched My Heart
Author : Ravinder Singh
Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads
Rating : 10/10 ❤


P.S. – I am a die-hard reader of romantic novels, that’s 100% true !

P.P.S. – The review of those 15 selected stories, will be given in my next blog.

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