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2 States – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on Chetan Bhagat’s book, “2 States”.




Synopsis –

This is a story of a love affair between two IIM students hailing from two different states, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Miles apart in distance and custom, Krish and Ananya’s love blossoms within the confines of their college walls. But with the end of college and beginning of a career, the question of marriage does not stand far away.

They embark on a journey of convincing their parents for the marriage. But the persuasion takes a lot more than just a few words. The journey that the couple takes from being romantically involved to getting married is full of twists and turns. This is more because, in India, it is easy to fall in love but tricky to convert that love into a love marriage.

The book details the quintessential Indian parents, the way marriages generally work in India and the two varied cultures beautifully; it also goes on to show that far beyond religion and creed, love keeps fighting for its place.

This fun-filled love story that gets complicated when the question of marriage comes up, is a loose adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s own marriage.


My Review –

Well, arguably, this is the best book written by Chetan sir, according to me. His The 3 Mistakes of My Life (I’ve read it too!) comes second for me in terms of writing. Although it is a loose adaptation of Chetan sir’s own marriage, I enjoyed every time I read it.

Krish & Ananya, a Punjabi & Tamilian respectively, are in love with each other, from IIM. Miles apart in distance and custom, Krish and Ananya’s love blossoms within the confines of their college walls, and what follows next is a journey of making both states, both families a ‘single family’.

Now, I’m doing a Character Sketch of the characters –

  1. Krish Malhotra – A Punjabi by religion, he is a student at IIM Ahmedabad. He falls in love with Ananya, a Tamilian girl, who was economics topper in her college. He confides to Ananya that his real passion is writing, which he wants to pursue a career in. He is frustrated as his family wanted him at IIM, whereas he was interested in making a career in writing.
  2. Ananya Swaminathan – A Tamilian girl belonging to a conservative family who was economics topper in her college. She is a free, spirited girl, who doesn’t like traditions being forced upon anyone, including her. She falls in love with Krish, and desires to marry him after securing a job.
  3. Kavita Malhotra – Krish’s mother, she is a over-conservative woman, who believes marriage should be done within one’s own religion. She, at first, rejects Ananya completely, even considering her son ‘under black magic’ by Ananya & her family. In the end, she has a drastic change of heart & welcomes Ananya into her family happily.
  4. Vikram Malhotra – Krish’s father, a former Army major. He believes one should live his life with discipline. He is shown to be short-tempered, plus an alcoholic. Krish has a hatred on him, due to Vikram domestically abusing Kavita, and rejecting Krish’s wishes.
  5. Radha Swaminathan – Ananya’s mother, she, like Kavita, is a over-conservative woman, who believes marriage should be done within one’s own religion (a complete south version of Kavita!). She, like Kavita, rejects Krish, but changes her heart after seeing Krish doing every thing to impress them, and also helping her to sing in a concert organised by Krish’s office at Citibank.
  6. Shiv Swaminathan – Ananya’s father, works at Bank of Baroda, is a frustrated bank employess who envies his boss. He has a habit of cursing his Fiat while going to office (in movie he is shown to be driving a Mercedes). He gets help from Krish to do his first PowerPoint Presentation, resulting him in accepting Krish as Ananya’s partner.
  7. Manju Swaminathan – A science geek, Ananya’s brother. He has the Periodic Table completely memorized, and gets help from Krish for giving him IIT tuition. He has no hesitation in Krish becoming Ananya’s partner.
  8. Shipra Mehra – Krish’s Masi, who loves to binge on family affairs. She also hates Ananya & is the one who brainwashes Kavita into believing Ananya is doing some ‘black magic’ on Krish. She, like Krish, has an hatred on Vikram, and taunts Kavita for marrying him.
  9. Rajji Mama – Minti’s dad & Krish’s mama. He is jovial in nature, and loves to spend money extravagantly.


This story is full of comedy, romance, emotional drama. From IIM Ahmedabad to Goa, Chetan sir has perfectly shown what it takes to impress your families in order to marry.

Full of twists & turns, it makes a long lasting impression of patriotism by showing that one belongs to a state called India first.

Verdict –

Well, honestly, I’m impressed by this book. From the lovers’ struggle to make their families accept each other to internal clashes within each family to Krish’s & Ananya’s experience in Chennai & Delhi respectively, this book has everything you would expect in a single book.

I have read it endless number of times, and every time this book makes me laugh, cry at the same time. Everyone, from Malhotras to Swaminathans to Shipra Masi & Rajji Mama, has influenced me.

I enjoyed the book & you’ll enjoy it too, I guarantee.!!


Title : 2 States

Author : Chetan Bhagat

Publisher : Rupa Publishers

Rating : 9/10 (Deducted 1 mark because, Krish’s mom was way too annoying, till the wedding.)

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