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Until You Come Home – A Review

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Today, after a month, I’m going to post a review. Plus, I promise, that from now, I’ll be regularly posting reviews after completing the novels.

So, here the review comes ! ❤

Today, I am posting a review on Mridula Bajpai’s book, “Until You Come Home”.


Synopsis –

‘Love’ is a strange emotion. It inspires a person to take on even impossible situations. Until You Come Home depicts this intensity of love, of devotion towards the country and the difficult and trying conditions of life in the defense forces.

It underlines the immense courage that it takes to lay down one’s life for the country; the endless wait for a beloved who never comes home from war, and also the never-ending wait of a sister for her brother.

At the core of this novel is the story of Captain Uday Sharma, who lays down his life for the country, and his beloved, Jaya – who endures tremendous pain because Uday never comes back home. Intertwined with this is another story – that of Major Dev Sharma, posted in Kashmir during OP PARAKRAM, and the love of his life, Mrinalini.

The backdrop of the war prevailing in the two situations is very similar, but will Dev come back to his Mrinalini? Just like Uday was deployed at the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) in the China war of 1962, Dev is now deployed in Kashmir during OP PARAKRAM.

Will the story of Dev and Mrinalini turn out to be different from that of Uday and Jaya’s?

My Review –

Two stories mixed together, the book traverses a journey of two Army men & their love interests.

The first hero, Captain Uday Sharma, has laid down his life for his nation during the China War of 1962, and we readers also believe this while reading. But, his beloved Jaya thinks otherwise – she thinks he’s alive & will come to her some day. 

The second one, Major Dev Sharma, is posted in Kashmir during Operation Parakram and Mrinalini fears that he won’t return back like her mama, Uday. She loves him dearly & doesn’t want him to go to far away places.

The book is written with such perfection, I couldn’t find any mistakes in it. Although I’ve some negatives to write about, this stands clear from other melodramatic novels of the same genre (War Romance/Memorial).

Mridula ma’am has written this book as an ode to Captain KL Shukla & other soldiers of the Indian Army who sacrificed their lives while defending the Se-La Pass in November 1962. The book also revolves majorly around the Indo – China War of 1962.

While Jaya yearns for Uday everyday, Mrinalini can’t lose Dev. Later on, Jaya remarries as she decides to move on, but she still wishes that someday, Uday will come to her. On the other hand, Mrinalini can’t lose Dev as he’s the one who has provided her calmness & stability after her failed first marriage.

This book kept me hooked till the end about whether Uday is alive, but, as I got to know that Jaya has remarried, I also changed my perception of Uday, like Jaya in the book did. I also believed that he’s dead.

Mrinalini & Dev’s love was like a magnet, which hooked me too towards them. Their love for each other was just very emotional to me. ❤

Positives –

  1. Importance of Army clearly mentioned – This book has clearly mentioned the importance of Army for our nation & its borders.
  2. Indo – China War (1962) very well depicted – Although I’ve already read about it in school, this book also gave a very well fictional depiction of the Indo – China War.
  3. Uday’s influence on Mrinalini – Uday mama’s influence on Mrinalini makes her devoted towards Dev and her family. Although she hasn’t seen him in person, she can feel his energetic nature, devotion towards nation.
  4. Shubha’s calm nature, which soothens Mrinalini – Mrinalini’s sister Shubha is a calm influence on her, as she thinks, she has sacrificed her family life by not marrying, to take care of her son Manu, when she was going through a hard time afyer being divorced.
  5. A virtual tour of India – Allahabad, Meerut, Kashmir – the reader gets to visit these places virtually through the book.
  6. Love between protagonists – Love between protagonists, Uday & Jaya and Dev & Mrinalini, is shown to the central force behing this book.

Negatives –

  1. Mrinalini being too much over-protective of Dev – Yes, in the book, she’s too much overprotective of Dev. I know that every wife wants her soldier husband to come home safely, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll be fighting up on phone with him. Mrinalini, in the book, is seen to be fighting with Dev over the phone regarding his presence near her, plus she’s making tantrums when Dev goes to Kashmir. This thing really killed my happiness for the book.
  2. Too much love being written off – I know I shouldn’t write this as a beginner book reviewer, but I know how to read & review a book since my school days ! The book, written as a war memoriam + love story kind, has too much love & less action in it. Apart from that description of Indo – China War, I couldn’t see any thing written about wars & fights. Too much love & less action, had made me bored towards 100th page of the book.
  3. No action/fight is described when Dev is mentioned – Apart from Uday’s sacrifice in the Indo – China War, no other war is described, especially whenever Dev is mentioned in the book. In the blurb, it’s written that Dev is posted in Kashmir during Operation Parakram, but, I didn’t see any mention of how that operation took place, how Dev fought in the operation.  This less war writing made it a less interesting book for me.

Verdict –

I enjoyed the book as it was a altogether different book from others in the same genre (War Romance/Memorial). The fresh writing, added with some fine-tuned characters make this book an interesting one. Barring some negatives I found, I fully enjoyed the book.

You’ll enjoy this book too, I can proudly say it to you ! ❤

Title : UNTIL YOU COME HOME – The Endless Wait for a Beloved to Come Home From War

Author : Mridula Bajpai

Publisher : Amaryllis 

Rating : 8/10 (Deducted 2 marks because of the negatives I found. Otherwise, I enjoyed & loved the book ! ❤)


*Thank you Manjul Publishing House, Bhopal, for sending me this book.*

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