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19 Till I Die – A Review

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Today, after a month again, I’m going to post a review. I promise, that from now, I’ll be posting reviews quickly after completing the novels.

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Today, I am posting a review on Anjali Kripalani’s book, “19 Till I Die”.




Synopsis –


For Zaid from Durban, it was heartbreak.

For Fiona, who loves New Delhi, it had always been a dream.

Rachna needs this chance to step out of Australia and her comfort zone.

Tia from Mumbai sees it as a ticket away from her over-protective parents.

The four find themselves at the University of Guelph in Canada. Adventure awaits, and a chance at love lingers amidst the crowds – in the halls, at the bars, on the dance floor. Some of them will find it. But, as with such powerful life-altering things as love, it’s not going to be easy.

It’s too late to turn back to the drab, safe and predictable lives they left behind. Might as well buckle up and hold on tight as they brace themselves for the ride of their lives.


My Review –


The book perfectly covers the lives of Zaid, Fiona, Rachna & Tia, the main characters of the book, and traverses the journey of the protagonists from their homes to a new country.

The book shows that setting from outside your home is difficult as there are no parents to help you, friends for entertainment. But, the book also shows that if one settles comfortably, then you become adjusted to a new environment.

Zaid – He is a great guy, loving his mom very much. Living in South African capital Durban, he is a fun-loving boy. He also loves his girlfriend Devina, but when he gets to know that she is cheating him, he breaks up with her. To heal himself, he goes to Canada through his University’s student exchange program.

Fiona – She’s a happy-go-lucky girl, who enjoys her life very much. She has a great family and a best friend. She wishes to go, from New Delhi, to Canada to explore the outer world.

Rachna – She’s living in Australia. She loves her family, and her two best friends very much. She chooses Canada to do something exciting in her life, as her life in Australia became monotonous, according to her.

Tia – Tia lives in Mumbai, is a carefree girl, and loves her life. She is well supported by her friends. She chooses Canada as her next study destination to escape from her over-protective parents.

When these four people meet, they become friends, and love blossoms between Zaid & Rachna. Zaid becomes Fiona’s most trusted person after something unimaginable happens with her. Rachna & Tia become best of friends. A fight ensues between the lovers – this book is full of such surprises. And, what I loved about the book is that the author keeps the fun element alive in the 19th year of these people.

I also loved the way the book is written – less melodrama, more of adolescent life, issue of teen pregnancy highlighted very seriously. Anjali Ma’am has kept the essence of youngsters alive in this book. Plus, the main characters are very well depicted by the author.

I enjoyed this book very well and it’s the first YA book in which I didn’t find any negatives. ❤

Verdict –


I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and being 20, I reminisced about how my 19th year spent. I loved all the people in this book, but Zaid, Rachna & Fiona were much more loved by me. ❤

You too will love this book once you start reading it. ❤



Title : 19 Till I Die

Author : Anjali Kirpalani

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Rating : 10/10 ❤❤

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