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Nothing But The Plane Truth – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on Pinky Eppaturi’s book, “Nothing But The Plane Truth”.




Synopsis –

Meet Pari Abraham. A girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and is forever smitten by the travel bug. Accomplished flight attendant and insatiable explorer. She takes you on a magical tour around the world, offering you a ring-side view of life on an airplane… where the next adventure is always just round the corner!

From the deeply moving experience of meeting Mother Teresa in her home for abandoned children in Kolkata to eye-opening conversations with professional performers in an Amsterdam strip club… From battling the aftermath of 9/11 to jumping into medical-aid mode to rescue a passenger from the narrow jaws of death… Feisty, fun and full of zest, this is one roller-coaster ride you don’t want to miss!


My Review –


This book is very good, written from a flight attendant’s perspective. Pari, the book’s main lead, dreams of becoming a flight attendant, and when she fulfils this dream, is excited to roam the entire world. The book is an exciting journey of Pari as an flight attendant.

The book has 78 short chapters, which show how the aviation industry works, how flight companies select people, how you have to look after passengers during emergencies, and what happens when recession hits aviation industry.

Pari is a feisty, adventure junkie, travel smitten girl. She loves travelling very much and dreams of roaming the entire world through becoming an flight attendant. When this dream of her comes true, Pari is absolutely overwhelmed.

The book explores the world from Pari’s eyes. 9/11, meeting Mother Teresa in Kolkata, to eye-opening conversations with professional performers in an Amsterdam strip club, to saving a passenger from death – these incidents written in the book make it an enjoyable read for everyone. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and was mesmerized by the journey of Pari. Indeed, after Alaska Young from Looking For Alaska, I have started liking Pari for her carefree spirit, adventure love, helpfulness. ❤


Verdict –


I loved the book and will recommend it to everyone. ❤️📚



Title : NOTHING but the PLANE TRUTH – Revelations by a Flight Attendant

Author : Pinky Eppaturi

Publisher : Amaryllis 

Rating : 10/10 ❤❤

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