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I AM M – M – MUMBAI – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on Rishi Vohra’s book,“I AM M – M – MUMBAI”.




Synopsis –

An intelligent, good-looking young man, Rudra should have been going places, except wherever he goes, he faces ridicule and humiliation because he stammers. His stammering has only ever brought him the wrong kind of attention and he has never been able to overcome it or move past it. Now at 25, he feels completely stifled and embittered that Mumbai, the city of dreams, has always crushed his own dreams, particularly his long-cherished one of becoming a film actor.

Then he meets Richa and love gives him a ray of hope. But heartbreak devastates him and he spins into a downward spiral that eventually pushes him to rock bottom. Now, his only way up is to conquer his fear and insecurity once and for all and speak.

Will Mumbai finally listen?


My Review –

The book is an inspirational – cum – romance book, tracing the life of Rudra who is an assistant director in the Maximum City of Mumbai. He aspires to be an actor but can’t fulfill his dream because of one condition – he stammers. Due to his condition, he has to face a lot of humiliation wherever he goes.

He gets some support in Ankur, his best friend and Shivani, his neighbour, in his frustrating life. He meets a girl called Richa and love gives him a ray of hope. When  she breaks up with him, heartbreak devastates him and he spins into a downward spiral that eventually pushes him to rock bottom, leading him to be an alcoholic.

He drinks to forget Richa and is somehow successful in doing so. Then, Mumbai secludes him by making him lose his home, job, the girl he loved – everything. He befriends a bar dancer called Devika and she gives him some positivity in life. He gets optimistic and starts living peacefully, forgetting his dark past.

She helps him with his speech therapy, gets him a film as the main lead, although he is reluctant to do it because of its genre, but he agrees to do it as he remembers Devika’s help for him. Ankur makes him a big star by promoting his film and becomes his agent.

He gets what he wanted –  recognition as an actor, respect by people. He marries Shivani and lives a happy life.



The book is written so perfectly that barring only two grammatical mistakes, I couldn’t find any major mood – dampening thing. Rishi sir writes this book as a struggle of a stammering guy finding his space in Mumbai.


Rudra as the main lead is very convincing and perfect. He struggles to find recognition as an actor and respect by people. People laugh at him because of his stammering and he lives in isolation, and lets himself being the laughing stock of people. His fortunes change when he does a film and the film is rendered successful. He becomes the new film star.

Ankur as Rudra’s best friend – cum – agent is a perfect example of “Friends less, Brothers more” ideology as he helps Rudra, supporting him when he couldn’t find respect in the world because of his problem. He also supports him when Rudra becomes alcoholic, asking him to shun alcohol and focus on something life-worthy. He becomes his agent after his first film is a hit, and helps him in the Bollywood industry.

Shivani as Rudra’s neighbour and later on, wife, is a sweet and lovable person. She loves her parents, yet, she wishes to live her life on her terms. She loves Rudra, but he doesn’t reciprocate her love for him, thinking of her loving him just as a friend. She’s shocked when Rudra marries him after a fallout with his to-be-husband’s family. She is happy to be with Rudra after their marriage.

Priya Kohli as the actress on Rudra’s last film as an AD (Assistant Director) is very sweet, yet very fashionable. She is the one Rudra can trust as others on his last film make constant fun of him and she sometimes, stood for him. But, her life takes a drastic turn when she’s accused of having connections with the underworld people.

Richa as the girl Rudra loved is very attractive and similar to Rudra in disadvantages. She is loved very deeply by Rudra, and she loves him too, but one day, she breaks up with him and calls him “Loser”. She is unhappy with her marriage, and wants to move out of it. But, she can’t do it.

Devika as the bar dancer is a great soul. She helps Rudra in living life positively and believes in him, although he’s a bit shaken after the entire dark chapter of his life. She helps him in removing his stammering and gets him a film as the main lead. Rudra is very grateful to her in saving him from the clutches of depression and teaching him optimism.


Verdict –

The book is very inspirational, and enjoyable. Rishi sir has done an incredible job while writing the book, I’m deeply impressed by his writing. ❤

I would recommend it to everyone. ❤❤


Title : I AM M – M – MUMBAI
Author : Rishi Vohra
Publisher : Vishwakarma Publications
Rating : 10/10 ❤❤


*Thank you Rishi sir for providing me a paperback edition of the book. *

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