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Zidd! – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on Hetansh Desai’s book,“Zidd!”




Synopsis – 

Vihaan looked at the skies, took a deep breath and shouted, ‘I want to be on the hoarding outside her flat!’ 
Parth did not react right away. After a few minutes, he asked, ‘Sorry? What is that?’ 

‘She said she doesn’t want to see my face. So, now I want to ensure she sees my face every day the first thing in the morning.’ 
Parth took a step towards Vihaan. He shrugged his shoulders, confusedly. ‘I don’t understand.’ 
‘There’s a hoarding outside her flat.’ 
‘And you want to be on it?’ 

Witness the roller coaster journey of Vihaan, a college dropout, and Parth, a tea vendor, as they strive to buy the most expensive hoarding space in Ahmedabad. 


My Review – 

The book starts with a young Vihaan giving his dad and his friend a business idea to sell more kites than the other shopkeepers & his idea becomes successful.

The book is a light read, with some serious business talks and chunks of comedy equally depicted.

Vihaan as the college dropout is just boring, with nothing much to do. He’s obsessed with Raina, a girl he loves. And, to ensure he remains in her mind, Vihaan wants to buy the hoarding near her apartment. And, he drops out of college just to do that.

Parth, as the tea vendor, is nothing but a Hindi – speaking goon, just yelling or speaking some expletives. But, he provides some comic timing to this book. And, he gives Vihaan some ideas about business.

Other characters are written to fulfill the purpose of fitting them into the book.

Overall, a one – time decent read, according to me.


Verdict – 

A light read, with a mixture of business and comedy.


Title : ZIDD!
Author : Hitansh Desai
Publisher : Half Baked Beans
Rating : 6/10


*Thank you Half Baked Beans for providing me a kindle edition of the book.*

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