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To Naddiyaa – Review

Hello everyone,

I’m back after a long break of close to a month. Apologies for not posting any reviews/interviews/book blitzes during the unexpected break, since I’m unable to keep up with posting due to hectic college life.

Today, I’m writing the review of Kavya Sharma’s “To Naddiyaa”.






It isn’t very hard to fall madly in love with your own wife and even though Durjoy was deeply embedded to this reality and the one his father imposed on him since his childhood, Nadia was already a part of another one. While Durjoy grew as the mad child of the misty hills, close to poetry and his mother, Nadia was the traditional, internally strong-headed woman of a motherless home. None of them revolted each other’s love and yet they ended up crossing each other at a threshold there was no coming back from.

The story captures an endless wait on a mad lover’s part and his wife’s failed realization of the same. A series of attempts, hidden letters, awkward emotions and grave family secrets end into a loveless insanity behind the bars of a mental asylum Nadia and Durjoy share their fate in. What follows is a flashback they wish they could go back to, what’s left, is a longing and a life, without each other.


My Review


The author beautifully writes the “Real Love” and weaves her story around it flawlessly. Durjoy and Nadia are married, yet they are separated. Nadia thinks of Durjoy as being mad as called by the society and ignores him greatly, yet Durjoy loves her till the end. Kavya Sharma runs the story through letters that Nadia reads, written by Durjoy before he died, after she is released from the asylum. Through these letters, she comes to know that Durjoy loved her endlessly and she was to be blamed for ignoring him.

The words written in the book are simple, yet meaningful. Full of imagery, similes and other figures of speech, Kavya Sharma takes the reader into an another world where love is described through words, food, emotions. The plus point of the book is that it stays true to the value of “Real Love” from the beginning till the end.

All characters in the book are shown in detail and exquisitely. Each letter stirs up a storm in the reader’s mind about love as a pure form of expression. And every letter is written meticulously. Overall, the book is a perfect blend of love, heartbreak, tragedy. The author has written it in such a manner that the reader will be left to ponder upon what is true love and how letters can become a great way of depicting love.




This book is the best book about love. And, way ahead of other novels when it matters to showing love as pure as water. The author beautifully writes the book and perfectly, through letters, shows love as eternal. Everyone should definitely read it to discover the real meaning of Love! ❤


Title: To Naddiyaa
Author: Kavya Sharma
Publisher: StoryMirror
Rating: 10/10 ❤



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