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Author Interview – Sabarna Roy

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being so ignorant about my blog. I’m busy like hell with my college and reading books, so I am ignoring this special blog.

Today, I am posting my second Author Interview after one I did with Ambica Uppal. Today’s guest is Mr. Sabarna Roy.



About the Author





Sabarna Roy is a qualified civil engineer from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He works in a senior management position in a manufacturing and engineering construction company. He has widely travelled India and is an avid reader and a movie buff.
His works include Abyss, Frosted Glass, Winter Poems, Pentacles, Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012-2018.


Interview with the Author


1. Your play, Abyss is a crime thriller. While writing it, which crime authors/stories inspired you to write it?

Ans: Abyss is not specifically inspired by any crime author or crime story. But Arthur Conan Doyle, G K Chesterton and Edgar Alan Poe are some of the crime authors I love to read very often.

2. Any poem from your book Winter Poems that you find apt for the society?

Ans: Winter Poems is intensely personal. In that sense, every poem is appropriate to the society as it narrates the imaginations, intuitions and visualizations of one of its creative members.

3. How do you stay motivated while writing?

Ans: I write when I am at the brink of existence. I write when I feel, if I do not write, I will die.

4. Do you think in the coming times, people will get attracted towards poetry anthologies?

Ans: To my mind, reflective poetry will die down with time. What will survive is narrative poetry.

5. I read on a website having your interview that Haruki Murakami is one of your favourite authors. Any one special thing of his writing that motivates you?

Ans: The palpable surrealism in Murakami’s writings.

6. I read on that same website that Anna Karenina is one of your favourite books of all time and you can re-read it. If you get a chance to rewrite it, how will you change it?

Ans: I do not dare to think that I can re-write Anna Karenina.

7. Which author/book inspired you to restart writing after a sabbatical of nineteen years?

Ans: It is not any author or book, which inspired me to restart writing; it’s life’s own peculiar circumstances that brought me to this brink.

8. Any one poem/story written by Rabindranath Tagore that is very close to you?

Ans: Dak Ghar and Balaka [poetry anthology] are very dear to me.

9. Which book is your everyday read?

Ans: The Rebel by Albert Camus.

10. Any advise to the budding authors to keep writing?

Ans: Always attempt to be authentic and genuine to your own soul, while writing.


I met Sabarna sir at Noida International Literature Festival on 16th and 17th November. He is really an amazing author, but most importantly, an amazing human! ❤

You can check his books on Amazon

P.S. – I will be uploading the review of one of his books, Abyss, very soon!

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