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Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues (AtCS Book 1) – Review

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Today’s review is of Shawn P.B. Robinson’s “Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues”.





About the book

Her country needs a new spy… but who would hire a 10 year old?

In this series starter, ten-year-old Annalynn has just been hired as a spy.

Two men and two women break into Annalynn’s home and steal a box of tissues, literally from under their noses. No one can imagine why someone would do such a thing, but Annalynn has been put on the case.

Her country needs her, but does she have what it takes?

Laugh your way through the adventure of a lifetime as Annalynn embarks on her new life as a Canadian Spy!



Imagine your nation is about to lose its entire tissue stock for ever.
Whom do you call for help?

James Bond? Nah! He’ll look it as a stupid and illogical case for himself!
What about a ten year-old school-going Canadian girl?
Hire her, right now!!

This book is one of the best children’s spy fiction/adventure I have read this year. Imagine a ten year-old school girl being appointed as a spy to get a box of tissues back from Norway in just a day – this book hits at right spots in the minds of the readers (mainly children). Annalynn shines as a very young spy, getting excited and confused about what she has to do as a spy. She decides to get the tissue box back after hearing about Canada being in grave danger of losing tissues for good.

What I loved about the book is the simplicity of the entire story and easy language, except the other name of NIS (Norwegian Intelligence Service) that’s really impossible to pronounce. Also, the author has written this book mainly as a children’s book, but people of all ages can read it, as it is just about 100 pages long and has some really funny anecdotes along with some illustrations.

I wish for only one change in this amazing book – the cover page should have a tissue added to give it more aesthetic, plus an idea about the story of the book. Also, the background color could be a bit more lighter.

I totally loved the book, and can’t wait to get my hands on other missions of Annalynn!! Definitely recommended to book bloggers and other people for a fresh mind and some spy fun!



Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues (AtCS Book 1) shines brightly for being so simple, yet full of adventure book. I loved Annnalynn for her bravery, and will definitely recommend the book to all bibliophiles for too much fun and childish adventure!! ❤️


Title: Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues (AtCS Book 1)
Author: Shawn P.B. Robinson
Publisher: BrainSwell Publishing
Rating: 10/10 ❤️


*Thank you team BookSirens and the author for giving me this ARC for reading.*

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