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Star Daughter – Review

Hey bibliophile friends, how are your reading days going? 📖📚 ✨I apologize for not uploading the review yesterday only, as I got tired after the two posts I did, Favourite Quotes and Dream Cast.✨ Today’s review (and 50th post) is of Shveta Thakrar "Star Daughter”, as a part of my yesterday's tour stop for the book… Continue reading Star Daughter – Review

Favourite Quotes

Favourite Quotes – Star Daughter

Hello everyone, I'm back with another post!! 📚📖 Continuing my today's 🌟Star Daughter🌟 tour stop, here comes second post for the tour - Favourite Quotes. 📖     I loved the book entirely, and some words in the book moved me so well, I was getting emotional reading them. 😭😭 Here are some quotes I… Continue reading Favourite Quotes – Star Daughter