Favourite Quotes

Favorite Quotes – Love and Other Sins

Hello once again!! ❤️

Continuing my yesterday’s tour stop for Love and Other Sins hosted by Turn the Pages Tours, here comes the Favorite Quotes post! 🔥📖

I loved the book for its balanced takes on the light and dark parts in our lives, and the following quotes made me a fan of the author’s writing! ❤️

Seems like the author has spoken the real truth about books!

this quote hit me deeply!

have you ever felt like that? I have felt this many times!

all the relationships start this way

this quote is really close to my heart!

That’s all from this post! I’ll see you soon with my review of the book! ❤️❤️

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Tell me about any quote you loved from these! I’d love to discuss! ❤️

See you soon,
Sunny xx


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