Being a reader, I wish to read books from all the genres without any discrimination. I don’t believe in any kind of being specific in reading (or as they say, “single out”). Now that more authors are coming out with their works, and especially diverse and POC authors, I wish to help them out in some way. Therefore, I’m launching some services of mine.

  1. Sensitive Reading
  2. Beta Reading
  3. Book Reviewing

Sensitivity Reading

As the publishing world is rising up, many authors are now representing diversity in their works. But somewhere, they unintentionally commit some mistakes that get them heavy backlash. I hereby present myself as a helping guide for the upcoming authors in these areas – 

  • Indian representation
  • Politics, history, culture of India
  • Multilinguality in India (many languages)

Being an Indian, I will proudly offer all the authors India-centered sensitivity services. These services will be offered from the practical experience and social knowledge I have of my country. My experiences won’t count as the experiences of my fellow Indians. I assure you all to help change your tricky content into an accepted & enjoyable one.

Pricing list – 

Entire Manuscript$1.5 / 1500 words / 1 area of expertiseYou will receive your manuscript with
comments about corrections, suggestions
and critical points.
Consultation$3.5 / 2 areas of expertiseYou can consult me on two areas (dialogues, character building). Additional consultations will cost $2.

Note: For entire manuscript, if you wish to get my help for more areas of expertise as mentioned above, I will charge $2 / 1500 words per expertise. All manuscripts sent to me for sensitivity reading must be in .doc or .pdf format.

Beta Reading

Being a multi age-group and genre reader (except for horror), I consider myself well versed in giving feedback from the POV of a new reader. To help the new authors more, I can provide editing for spelling and grammatical errors.

Pricing list –

Full manuscript$2/ 1000 wordsYou shall receive your manuscript with
comments about corrections, suggestions
and critical points.
Consultation$1 / chapterYou may consult me on minimum 3 areas per chapter (dialogue, story building, character building)
Editing $1.5 / 1100 wordsEditing for spelling and grammatical errors. Additional request for punctuations will cost $1 / 1100 words

All manuscripts sent to me for beta reading must be in .doc or .pdf format.

Book Reviewing

As I have mentioned in my review policy, I’ll be charging for reviews (with effect from 17th July, 2020). I will charge a very nominal fee for book reviews, author interviews and other promotional posts. 

Pricing list –

Book Review$13Review of your blog will be posted two days after I finish the book. I prefer to do a full fledged review. My bookstagram will have a mini review.
Series review$15With an additional fee of $7, I will review your entire series – duology / trilogy. (I reserve the right to take a small additional fee if there are more books in your series than three)
Other promotional posts$3Author interviews, Instagram giveaway, cover reveals

All digital ARCs sent to me for reviewing must be easy to read and in .mobi or .epub format. I can also work with .acsm format (the format that has Adobe Digital Editions as the major book reading app). I happily accept physical ARCs too, with a note that ARCs from outside India will arrive late.

How can I be Hired?

If you find my charges as per your convenience and want to hire me for sensitivity or beta reading, feel free to send me an e-mail at with the following information –

  • Mention you want to exercise full manuscript review or consultation
  • Area of required expertise required
  • Book synopsis
  • Genre and age group
  • Publisher & Release date (if applicable)
  • Trigger warnings (specially mentioned in either bold or italics)
  • Your desired review posting date (subject to my availability)

Please make sure to add ‘Beta Reading’ in the subject of your e-mail so it doesn’t go unattended.

Want to hire me for book reviewing? Shoot me a mail at the above mentioned e-mail address with the following information – 

  • Book synopsis
  • Genre and age group
  • Publisher and Release date
  • Trigger warnings (specially mentioned in either bold or italics)

Important Points

  • I reserve the rights to decline the requests beforehand.
  • I will definitely respond to the service requests within 4 days. If I don’t respond by then, please consider your requests declined. But don’t lose hope, I’ll be definitely working with you in the future.
  • I’d love to have you send me a contract for the deal between us. If you wish to have one from me, it’ll take me a few days to get it done.
  • I’m completely comfortable with the payments – you can pay me entirely before the service commences or pay me half the amount before and rest after I complete the service.
  • All payments are in USD and payable through PayPal. Exceptions are made for India-based authors, who can pay me in Indian rupees and through Net Banking/UPI.
  • If you find my prices high for your wallet, shoot me a mail! We can work something out, especially self publishing/students/unemployed clients.
  • I’d love to have a testimonial for my services at the conclusion of our deal.

What I should not do with your feedback?

You will never publish my feedback online or use it as a excuse for any change made in your manuscript.