Want a review by me?

Hey bibliophiles/publishers,

Want a review done by me?

Shoot me a mail at bibliophilefromjupiter@gmail.com. I’ll reply very soon, I promise!



Starting this Friday (17th July, 2020), I’ll be charging for reviews (not skyrocketing rates – just a nominal charge), and I assure you all that my reviews are unbiased and free of any external influence!

I’m not accepting review requests from Today (4th August) till 4th October, due to my TBR pile being too full to have more books, and I have my exams starting soon.  I’m still open for children’s books, for they are too quick to read. 

All authors who’ve contacted me before today, I’ll try my best to read your book too soon, and if not, I’ll message you with my tentative finishing date. 

Review Posting 

  • The review will be posted within 20 days of request.
  • Views will be unbiased and my own.
  • The review will be posted on my blog, booktube channel (will take some time for booktube) & Goodreads.

Extra Additions

  • Instagram Post with a mini review.
  • Frequent Instagram stories (5 – 10 days before review)
  • Regular book promotion in my booktube videos.

Preferred Genres

  • All Young Adult novels
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Children’s Books (I love them to the core of my heart!)
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • Crime
  • Historical – Fiction, Romance, Thriller/Suspense
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Biographies – most preferably sports, arts, literature
  • Sci – Fi (time travel least preferred)

Genres I may review soon:

  • Horror