Want a review by me?

Hey bibliophiles/publishers,

Want a review done by me?

Shoot me a mail at bibliophilefromjupiter@gmail.com. I’ll reply very soon, I promise!


Starting 17th July, 2020, I’ll be charging for reviews (not skyrocketing rates – just a nominal charge), and I assure you all that my reviews are unbiased and free of any external influence!

Review Posting 

  • The review will be posted within 22 days of request. [Biographies will take around a month to be completed and reviewed.]
  • Views will be unbiased and my own.
  • The review will be posted on my blog and Goodreads.

Extra Additions

  • Instagram Post with a mini review.
  • Frequent Instagram stories (5 – 10 days before review)
  • Regular book promotion in bookish blogs.

Preferred Genres

  • All Young Adult novels
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Children’s Books (I love them to the core of my heart!)
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • Crime
  • Historical – Fiction, Romance, Thriller/Suspense
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Biographies – most preferably sports, arts, literature

Genres I may review soon:

  • Horror
  • Sci – Fi (time travel least preferred)