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Interview With Ambica Uppal !

Hey Bibliophiles, how are you going on in your life ? ❤

I Hope you are fit & fine ! ❤

Being a newcomer in the world of book reviewers, I had a great start to my journey. I had some well known bibliophiles & book reviewers follow my blog, and now, I had a interview & book review request by an Indian author residing in Canada.

Yes, I am uploading today an interview with Ambica Uppal, an Canadian citizen, but a pure Indian by heart !

One day, she contacted me through mail, and asked me if I can do a review of her upcoming debut book, Malhaar. Being a newcomer in book reviewing, I couldn’t say no to her 💕, as I wanted to do an author interview some day in the future ! 💕

About the Author


Ambica Uppal is an Canadian citizen, but a pure Indian by heart. She loves poems, prose and spoken word poetry. Today her writings are manifestations of what she feels while experiencing things around her and poetry is just one such form in which she likes to express herself.

About the Book


Malhaar, her debut book, is a collection of poems written by Ambica, from her heart ! She has written some sweet, warm poems that, I am sure, are gonna strike a chord with the readers.

Chat With Author..

  1. You could have chosen some other name for your book, but you chose an Indian name which means an old melody in Indian classical music. Any comments ?

    Answer –  Yes, It’s an Indian melody that is related to the downpour of rain. I was born and I grew up in India, so it’s sort of an homage that I wanted to pay to my roots.

  2. You have written this book in a freestyle manner. Do you think freestyle poems are easily understood by the readers ?

    – While most of the poems are in freestyle, some are in lyrical poetry style. Based on the feedback that I have got from some of the people who follow me on Instagram, freestyle poetry is something that they do enjoy more.

  3. Can you take out your favourite poem from this book ? Also, what meaning does that poem has ?

    Answer – You too are the kite is my favorite poem. It  means equality, it means believing in ones dreams no matter what gender ones identifies as.

  4. Any poet you love/follow ?

    Answer – I enjoy Ernest Hemingway’s poems.

  5. What is basic theme of your book – self exploration, freedom, peace – or anything else ?

    Answer – It’s self belief, taking on new adventures, believing in ones dreams, letting go and valuing those who are there for you.
  6. Any advice – to budding writers like me – from you ?

    Answer – I would love to learn from you! If there is something that I can suggest it would be, being disciplined.

**Thank you Ambica for giving me, a newcomer in the world of book reviewers the opportunity to conduct this interview & for your valuable time to this interview.**

P.S. – I love your smile, Ambica !

P.P.S. – I am gonna post the book review very very soon ! ❤

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