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The Wedding Tamasha – A Review

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Today, I am posting a review on Sudha Nair’s book,“The Wedding Tamasha”.


Synopsis –

Twenty-eight-year-old Shweta Menon finds refuge from an abusive husband by working at a Mexican café in the US. She doesn’t know how to tell her parents the truth about her marriage and return to India. But then her brother’s wedding leaves her no choice.

Entrepreneur Chef Niraj (Niru) Karthik is in charge of catering for his best friend’s wedding. He isn’t looking forward to meeting his childhood crush—the one that got away—but he finds himself drawn to her again.

Shweta has only thought of Niru as her older brother’s best friend, but now she’s falling head over heels in love with him. As both try to come to terms with their true feelings, they realize that a lot more than friendship is at stake.

And then, there’s Shweta’s family, mixed up in a dilemma: an overbearing father, an over-anxious mother, and three very disparate yet close siblings.

Will Shweta get the love and acceptance she yearns for? Or will upholding the family honour be more important?

My Review –

The book is a great amalgamation of marriage, breakup, love, adventure, food, shopping and drama – all things churned into a single book. The book is a fresh and humorous take on Indian marriages, along with some heartbreak and drama equally depicted by the author.

Shweta is not happy with her marriage to Raj as he always ignores her, and sometimes assaults her. She wants fer freedom from him and is successful in it. She moves out from their home and lives in with Julie, working in her cafe. She has a friend in Max, another worker there, and we get to know that he loves Hindi movies, although he can’t understand the language, he enjoys them. He also loves Indian food. Max tells Shweta about his wish to visit India to have a trek on Himalayas and attend a Indian wedding.

Shweta’s brother is getting married, and her parents invite her and Raj to the wedding. Shweta goes to India without Raj. His sister Neha joins her later on along with her husband Mohan and daughter Ria.

The book explores the journey of Shweta from US to India, and the way she handles her parents’ pressure of going back to Raj. She slowly falls in love with Niraj Karthik aka Niru, her childhood crush and is shocked to know the exact reason of her marriage with Raj.

We see some anxious moments when Raj physically assaults Shweta and her father, and abuses her during the ring ceremony event. Shweta is helped by her brother and her neighbour uncle Mr. Prasad while obtaining divorce from Raj. She enjoys her brother’s wedding and loves Niru very much.

The book is written very well, from Shweta’s journey in the US to her love for Niru, the book has everything a bibliophile demands – the things I mentioned in the beginning.

Barring some grammatical mistakes and some sentencing flaws, I enjoyed the book very much.

Verdict –

A perfect fit to be a Bollywood flick, the book is a memorable read for everyone. ❤

Title : The Wedding Tamasha
Author : Sudha Nair
Publisher : Kalari Publishing
Rating : 9/10 ❤

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